Grand Prize:
Sundance Film Festival

LA Weekly
“Watching “Purple Haze”, I felt like I  knew everyone in it – not only the principal actors, but people passing on the street, people in restaurants and at parties. People I’d forgotten, and wanted never to forget. “Purple Haze” is not a ‘60’s nostalgia picture – it does not politely chicken out with a teary reunion of activists ten years later like Kasdan’s “The Big Chill” or John Sayles’ less chicken but just as polite “Return of the Secaucus Seven”. Director David Burton Morris, writer Victoria Wozniak, and producer Thomas Fucci – unknown, and with little money, of course – have looked at the ‘60’s the way other fine filmmakers have looked at the West, or the ‘30’s, or any other lost era: they have used the resources of film to recreate its look, its details, its speech, it’s ways…the film lets us see it is boys who fight wars, not men…

 ”Purple Haze” catches the feel of its era better than any film has yet done. It is the first feature about the ‘60’s that can be recommended without reservation…” Michael Ventura

LA Herald Examiner
“Beautifully made…the imagery is unusually warm and glossy-looking for an independent production…” David Chute

Chicago Tribune
“Highly recommended. A sympathetic look at coming of age…” Gene Siskel

Vogue Magazine
“A sensitive, finely-tuned drama…” Molly Haskell

Chicago Sun-Times
“An exciting film.”  Roger Ebert