SPIDERS WAY
A sanctimonious 17-year-old Evangelical preacher’s blind faith and crusade to shut down an abortion clinic are thrown into rebellious chaos when he discovers his part in a washed-up musician’s life—and his fanatical father’s role in the musician’s senseless death.




           LOVE and DECEPTION
Running from two cops who want him dead, a gifted con man stumbles into the perfect scam—problem is, he falls in love with his mark and is forced to choose between her life or his’.


                  LOST IN KASHMIR                                                                                                             An American surgeon travels to Kashmir in search of her kidnapped lover.  After weeks of being stonewalled by the Indian Military, robbed by thieves and almost killed by a suicide bomber, she disguises herself as a man and sneaks deep into mountains ruled by Warlords.  After a number of brushes with death, she is captured and learns how her lover died—from the terrorist who kidnapped him—himself badly wounded and certain to die, unless she operates. 
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              THE SIXTH FLOOR

A once famous musician will be sent back to prison unless he infiltrates a group set to attack the research lab where he’s night janitor—problem is, he falls in love with the woman the FBI wants arrested and must choose between her freedom or his’.